Anita Curtis


Anita stumbled upon yoga for the first time in 2010 at a local gym while living in Colorado. Simply looking for a new form of exercise and strength building, she was struck by the spiritual awakening the practice offered and became immediately enamoured with yoga.
Since then she has made a home in Laramie, Wyoming. In March of 2018 Anita received her RYT-200 through the Dharma Integrative Yoga Teacher Training at Blossom Yoga Studio.
Her classes tend to be Hatha and Vinyasa Flow based, allowing time and space for introspection and connecting to the present moment.
Anita’s spirit is most alive while outdoors in nature. She is a firm believer in the purity of “wasting time” along with the importance and sacredness of being idle.
Other interests Anita has are cooking vegan and gluten free, sign language, everything coffee, reading, and writing. She loves her husband dearly, loves her pets, traveling to wild places, and finding the marvelous in the mundane.