Darcie Bacon


darcib.jpgDarcie completed her 200 RYT at Blossom Yoga Studio here in Laramie in May of 2019.
While she had dabbled in yoga for a few years prior, her journey really began at the Uncompahgre Yoga Circle in Montrose, Colorado under the instruction of Linda Alfred.
As a person whose idea of a deep breath was less than quarter of a second, she was delighted to find the pace and rhythm of yoga to be comforting, settling and exactly what she needed! She loves practicing all different types of yoga and has been a faithful student for over 6 years.
Upon moving to Laramie she hoped that teacher training would challenge her to go deeper into her practice allowing her to explore new depths of yoga. Upon completion of her training, she was given the opportunity to begin teaching here at Blossom Yoga and has loved every minute of it. She loves adding a bit of playfulness to her classes and enjoys observing how yoga works its magic in students and teachers alike.
When she’s not at the yoga studio you can find her in the garden, hiking, baking and enjoying life’s twisted and fascinating journey down unexpected paths.