Emily completed a 200hr certification in 2015 from the Dharma Yoga New York Center under the instruction of Sri Dharma Mittra.  This experience helped her establish a foundational practice based on a classical hatha yoga style.  Furthermore, the opportunity to participate as a mentor in the 2015-16 Blossom Yoga Flow Teacher Training has provided important perspective that has greatly enhanced her approach to teaching.    

Emily views yoga as a sacred science… a method for centering, focusing, and practicing self-care.  She believes that practicing yoga can assist with understanding ourselves as spiritual beings by helping us calm down enough to connect with intelligence that lives within the deeper layers of ourselves.   Her classes aim to exercise the body and work with breath, all in preparation for calming the mind and practicing deep relaxation.   Emily hopes that her classes offer a space for light-hearted curiosity, and empowering energy.   


Her greatest appreciation for yoga stems from the fact that yoga is whatever you need it to be.  For Emily, yoga provides space for individual personal experience, as well as space for unity across borders and faiths.  This dedication to humanity inspires her as she continues to explore ideas and techniques surrounding yoga.  Sending much gratitude to the Blossom Yoga community for the opportunity to learn and contribute!